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    Farmers’ Protest in Wrocław Intensifies: Tractors Paralyze City, EU Office Targeted

    The farmers’ protest in Wrocław has reached a critical stage, as hundreds of tractors continue to block city streets, causing widespread disruption since dawn. What initially started as isolated demonstrations on February 9th has now grown into a widespread movement, marked by tire fires and clashes with law enforcement.

    Key locations, notably Plac Społeczny, have become rallying points for protesters, with over 300 tractors converging in these areas. Led by Adrian Wawrzyniak, chairman of the assembly, farmers are articulating their grievances and demanding action from authorities.

    During the protest, the farmers’ demands, outlined in their petition to the European Commission, were reiterated. These demands include the abolition of the Green Deal, halting goods flow at the Ukrainian border, banning agri-food imports from Ukraine, abolishing eco-schemes, imposing a grain embargo from Russia in Europe, implementing long-term support programs for competitive agriculture, restricting imports from third countries, and adjusting minimum agricultural prices for inflation.

    The European Commission’s office in Wrocław was targeted, with eggs hurled at the building and tires set ablaze. This incident led to the dispersal of the assembly and further heightened tensions in the city.

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