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    Fatal Shooting in Sweden Sparks Controversy Over Migration and Crime in Poland

    A recent fatal shooting of a 39-year-old Polish man in Stockholm, Sweden, has reignited a contentious debate about migration and crime rates in Europe. The incident occurred in the Skarholmen district on a Wednesday evening, as the man and his 12-year-old son were heading to a swimming pool. An altercation with a group of youths under a viaduct led to a deadly gunshot, according to local media reports.

    Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and others paid their respects at the site the following day, underscoring the gravity of the incident amidst Sweden’s increasing gang violence. Diamant Salihu, a journalist and author specializing in gang-related issues, pointed out that Skarholmen has become particularly dangerous despite a significant police presence, partly due to an ongoing gang war among local youths that started in fall 2022.

    Polish MEP Patryk Jaki, speaking on Telewizja Republika, claimed that the shooting was likely the work of a Somali gang, a statement based on unconfirmed reports. Jaki referenced statistics indicating that high migrant populations correlate with increased violence, rapes, and other crimes across Sweden and Europe.

    Jaki criticized Sweden’s handling of migration and its consequences, stating that Sweden, once celebrated for its tranquility, has deteriorated due to policies implemented by left-leaning governments. He emphasized the cultural and civilizational gap between immigrant communities and the native Swedish population, suggesting that the integration challenges are profound and possibly irreversible.

    “This is a lesson for Poland,” Jaki remarked, implying that Sweden’s experiences should serve as a cautionary tale regarding migration policies and their long-term impacts on national security and social cohesion.

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