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    Fernando Santos Rumored to Depart as Poland’s Coach for Al-Shabab

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    Reports from Saudi Arabia have caused a stir on the internet this morning, suggesting that Portugal’s Fernando Santos might be leaving his role as Poland’s national team coach to join Al-Shabab in the Saudi Pro League. Media outlets in Saudi Arabia have claimed that Santos has reached an agreement with the club, but official announcements are yet to be made.

    Fernando Santos took charge of the Polish national team on January 24, 2023, following the departure of Czesław Michniewicz after the World Cup. If the sensational news proves true, Santos’s tenure with the white and red team would be cut very short, similar to his compatriot Paolo Sousa, who left the Polish squad during the 2021 World Cup qualifiers.

    PZPN’s Response and Uncertainty Looms

    The Polish Football Association (PZPN) has been caught off guard by these reports, with their spokesperson stating that they are unaware of any such developments. Santos has managed Poland in four matches, securing a victory against Germany (1-0) but also suffering a humiliating defeat to Moldova (2-3).

    The potential departure of Fernando Santos has left Poland’s national team in a state of uncertainty. As fans await official confirmations, the football world holds its breath to see what unfolds next for both the coach and the team.

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