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    Filip Kołodziejski won 4 medals at IISA 5th World Championship in Samoens, France

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    Filip Kołodziejski ends the IISA 5th World Championship in Samoens, France with 4 medals in the Open category. Almost 500 competitors from 41 countries came to France. The Polish National Team took 2th place in the medal table losing only 1 gold medal to the French National Team.

    In total, Poles won 21 medals in the OPEN classification (6 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze).

    Winter swimming is the activity of swimming during the winter season, typically in outdoor locations (open water swimming) or in unheated pools or lidos. In colder countries, it may be synonymous with ice swimming, when the water is frozen over. This requires either breaking the ice or entering where a spring prevents the formation of ice. It may also be simulated by a pool of water at 0 °C (32 °F), the temperature at which water freezes. Many winter swimmers swim with standard swimsuits rather than with wetsuits or other thermal protection. Famous ice and winter swimmers include Lynne Cox and Lewis Gordon Pugh.

    Filip Kołodziejski from Zielona Góra won the world championship in the 50-meter butterfly stroke. In addition, he was second in the 100-meter freestyle and third twice in the 50-meter backstroke and 50-meter freestyle. This is his second start in the world championships in this type of swimming. Kołodziejski competed for the first time a year ago at the world championships in Głogów.

    “This year the competition was held in Samoens, France, in the Alps. Last year I won two medals, this year I won four medals. I was most happy with the gold medal, but I was also very pleased with the start in the 100 meters freestyle. Sure, I was second, but with a very good time.”

    said Filip Kołodziejski for

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