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    Fire at Waste Depot Near Pruszków

    Read about the recent waste depot fire near Pruszków, Poland, and the efforts of firefighters to contain the blaze. No injuries reported, and nearby structures remain unaffected. Stay informed on the situation and emergency response.

    A fire broke out on Sunday at a waste depot near the town of Sokołów, just outside Pruszków. Firefighters are currently working to contain the blaze, which ignited on a portion of the waste storage area spanning several dozen square meters. The depot itself is larger in size. As of now, 12 fire brigades are on the scene, striving to confine the fire to its current location, according to Junior Brigade Commander Karol Kroć of the Pruszków Fire Department.

    Kroć reassured that there is no threat to the nearby warehouse hall situated across the road, nor are any residential buildings in immediate danger. However, he cautioned that the wind direction could change, potentially causing smoke to shift in another direction. Observing the situation and exercising caution remain crucial, the firefighter emphasized. If the fire can be contained within the current area, the extinguishing process may take several hours, he added. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported thus far.

    Local authorities and firefighting teams are working diligently to manage the situation and prevent the fire from spreading further. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in waste management and the importance of swift emergency response.

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