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    First anniversary of Maurycy Mochnacki’s reburial in Poland

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    The reburial of the remains of Maurycy Mochnacki, an emigrant activist, writer, participant and chronicler of the November Uprising, took place exactly a year ago. Mochnacki was also one of the founders of “Gazeta Polska”. He was its editor from December 1826 to December 1829.

    Maurycy Mochnacki’s funeral celebrations took place at the military cemetery in Powazki, Warsaw, on November 27, 2021. The founder of “Gazeta Polska,” a November insurgent and émigré activist was buried in Aleja Zasluzonych, next to the graves of participants of national uprisings. On his way from France to Poland, he was accompanied by the Clubs of “Gazeta Polska.”

    Maurycy Mochnacki (1803-1834) is considered one of the most prolific political journalists of the partition period. He was known for his radicalism and his uncompromising diagnosis of the causes of Poland’s political defeats. 

    Mochnacki studied at the University of Warsaw, from where he was dismissed in 1823 by order of Prince Konstanty for belonging to the Union of Free Poles. What is more, he was also a participant in the conspiracy of Piotr Wysocki. 

    Moreover, he took part in the November Uprising. After the collapse of the uprising, he emigrated to France. Mochnacki was not allowed to return to Poland. He died on December 20, 1834, in Auxerre and was buried in the local cemetery.

    Additionally, by a resolution of the Polish Sejm of the ninth term on July 22, 2022, it was decided to establish 2023 as the Year of Maurycy Mochnacki.

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