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    Free Speech Zone media reach millions of viewers. Strong messages are also conveyed on social media platforms

    The signal and video materials of Telewizja Republika reach approximately 8 million people monthly. The station boasts significant social media reach, and it’s not the only Free Speech Zone medium finding success online.

    Changes in Telewizja Republika in 2021 led to improved results and increased viewership. The television channel now covers 60 percent of the country’s technical reach, which, with the right resources and without additional concessions, could expand to about 80 percent.

    The station is widely accessible, broadcasting via satellite on Polsat, Canal Plus, Orange, Play-UPC, around 100 monthly cable networks, local multiplexes (Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław, Tricity), the American Dish system, and the internet. Video materials are published on YouTube and other social media platforms. The television signal and video materials reach approximately 8 million people monthly.

    According to Nielsen research, an average of 400,000 people tune in to Telewizja Republika at least once daily. In September, the station’s cumulative reach was 3,018,852, and from October 1-19, it was 3,476,870.

    Republika’s YouTube channel boasts 18.7 million views and over 500,000 subscriptions, which is impressive compared to other channels: TVP Info 334,000, Telewizja wPolsce 186,000, Polastnews 116,000, TVN 24 4,800. Telewizja Republika’s unique viewers on the platform in 28 days are 3 million, with 1 million being new viewers.

    Free Speech Zone on Social Media

    Telewizja Republika’s content also reaches a broad audience on Facebook and Twitter (X). On the former platform, it’s over 996,000, and on the latter, it’s nearly 4.5 million.

    Other Free Speech Zone media also achieve significant results on social media. For the portal, it’s over 2.05 million recipients on Facebook and 2.41 million on Twitter. It’s worth noting that the portal reaches 1.5 million unique users monthly.

    Paper media profiles of SWS are also popular online. For Gazeta Polska Codziennie, it’s 85,700 on Facebook and 280,000 on Twitter. For Gazeta Polska, it’s over 13,700 on Facebook and 140,000 on Twitter.

    The profile of the editor-in-chief of these newspapers also has substantial reach. Tomasz Sakiewicz’s posts on Facebook reach 1.5 million users, and on Twitter, it’s 6.34 million. According to PSMM Monitoring & More, red. Sakiewicz’s posts on the second platform were among the most frequently viewed during the election Sunday, viewed 1.6 million times.


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