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    French Touch La Belle Vie: A Night of French Culture and Entertainment in Warsaw

    Read more about the charm of French culture as the Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge takes the stage in Warsaw on October 26th at the Teatr Wielki.

    The ninth edition of French Touch La Belle Vie, a celebration of Polish-French friendship, will dazzle audiences at the Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa in Warsaw on October 26th. This grand gala will feature Polish and French artists, including the world-renowned Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge, making its second appearance in Poland.

    French Touch La Belle Vie is an educational and cultural campaign combined with a nationwide shopping initiative. Its goal is to promote French culture, fashion, cuisine, and the essence of the French way of life.

    Daniel Teboul, the president behind French Touch, emphasized that this initiative is driven by passion rather than pure business motives, stating, “We strive to make this beautiful event shine brightly in both commercial and cultural aspects because we have prepared many wonderful surprises related to French culture.”

    Audelin Chappius, Director of the French Institute in Poland and Cultural Cooperation Advisor at the French Embassy in Poland, highlighted the mission of French Touch to promote France in Poland and celebrate the Polish-French friendship.

    The highlight of the event will be the performance by the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret. Jean-Victor Clerico, its artistic director, promised a unique show, different from what is seen in Paris, with approximately 20 dancers taking the stage in Warsaw.

    Moulin Rouge, founded in 1889 on the outskirts of Paris, remains a symbol of French cultural heritage. With around 450 employees, including 100 dancers from 15 nationalities, the cabaret continues to enchant audiences with extravagant costumes and exceptional talent.

    To become part of the Moulin Rouge ensemble, candidates undergo rigorous auditions, with personality being a top priority alongside physical attributes.

    French dancer Romane Bollengier described the magic of performing at Moulin Rouge, where 850 people from around the world gather for each of the two nightly shows.

    On October 26th, alongside Moulin Rouge, stars like Zaz, Patrick Bruel, Camille and Julie Berthollet will grace the Teatr Wielki stage, celebrating the rich cultural exchange between Poland and France. The event will pay tribute to Marcel Marceau and Louis de Funès, featuring a fashion show by MAIÔ Paris, and will be broadcast on Polish television.

    Don’t miss this enchanting night of French culture and entertainment in the heart of Warsaw.

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