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    Future Transport Week: Exploring Innovation in Katowice

    Future Transport Week is part of the “50 Weeks in the City of Science,” a series of thematic weeks organized in Katowice and nearby cities as part of the European City of Science Katowice 2024 celebrations. These events focus on significant societal issues and are the most visible part of the festivities. Each week is led by one of the universities in the consortium, offering scientific, cultural, and social events.

    Engaging with Modern Transportation

    The current week, organized by the Silesian University of Technology, is dedicated to Future Transport. Participants will explore innovations in car, rail, and air transport, engaging in interactive learning about the latest and future solutions. The aim is to immerse participants in the world of science and research, promoting the development of modern, eco-friendly, and safe transportation.

    Tuesday will feature Rail Transport Day, with access to labs on modern rail traffic systems, train simulators, and student projects like the EP07 locomotive simulator and a railway model. There will also be a transport knowledge contest and a debate. On Wednesday, workshops in the aviation industry and the International Scientific Conference “Transport Problems” are planned.

    Green Transportation and Robotics

    Thursday includes online workshops on public transport organization and a visit to the Alstom train factory. Friday will showcase electric, hybrid, and hydrogen vehicles, along with discussions on hydrogen use in transport. Saturday will host a Transport Robot Competition, where high school students from the Silesian-Dąbrowa Metropolis will present their 4WD vehicles.

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