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    Generals’ Resignations During the Campaign: Katarzyna Gójska Discusses the Impact of Similar Events in Israel

    “From the dramatic events unfolding in Israel, two crucial conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, a state threatened by any form of attack, neighboring an active enemy, must maintain stability and avoid falling into chaos. Secondly, involving the military in political games is like playing with a grenade,” Katarzyna Gójska, editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine “Nowe Państwo,” and deputy editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska” comments the current situation.

    Considering all the circumstances that determine the specificity of the Israeli situation, one thing can be said – an unprecedented attempt to destabilize the country was made there, effectively involving a significant group of officers and commanders in these actions.

    In mid-July, retired General Asaf Agmon spoke about over 160 high-ranking commanders of the Israeli army who, as part of an anti-government protest, avoided fulfilling their duties.

    Additionally, a significant number of reservists, exceeding 10,000, following their conscience and considering the judiciary reform issue as the most serious crisis Israel has faced since its inception, refused to participate in exercises and caused confusion. Not only in the military but also in the special services. It is truly hard not to consider these circumstances highly significant for the success of Hamas’ attack.

    Of course, there were many more variables influencing the terrorists’ success, which I will describe in detail in the upcoming issue of “Gazeta Polska,” but the destabilization of the defense system undoubtedly determined the scale of the murderous action. Every Polish politician and soldier should bear it in mind. Involving the army in a total political dispute – although on a different scale, we had dealt with it in Poland – is fantastic news for our enemy in the East.

    The resignation of two Polish generals at the end of the election campaign, preceded by a strange media appearance by one of them a few months ago and numerous calls from the opposition to soldiers to resist orders, truly resembles the mistake made in Israel. A mistake that has already cost the lives of nearly a thousand of its citizens.

    Today’s actions by the two generals of the Polish Armed Forces clearly appear to be clearly political. It even reeks – because it is truly hard to believe that it has nothing to do with yesterday’s defeat of the total opposition leader. That it did not arise to cover up Tusk’s disaster during the debate with Prime Minister Morawiecki. It was the duty of both military officers to do everything to keep their resignations out of the campaign context.

    Meanwhile, they did everything possible to give it that context. It’s good that their military careers are coming to an end.


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