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    German Police Under Fire for Smuggling Afghan Migrants into Poland

    The German Federal Police recently smuggled a family of Afghan migrants across the border into Poland. This incident, which occurred near the border town of Osinów Dolny, has rightly sparked outrage and raised serious questions about the conduct and intentions of German authorities.

    German Police Abandon Afghan Migrant Family on Polish Soil, Violating International Protocols

    Reports indicate that the German police claim they attempted to contact their Polish counterparts for several hours but received no response. Using this dubious excuse, they decided to escort the Afghan family to the Polish-German border near Hohenwutzen and abandoned them on Polish soil. This reckless action directly violates established procedures and legal frameworks governing the transfer of individuals between countries.

    The incident was first reported by the Polish news outlet, which detailed how a German police vehicle crossed the border and dumped the migrant family in Poland. This brazen act occurred in the early hours of the morning, catching local authorities unprepared and complicating the situation further.

    The Polish Border Guard swiftly condemned the German police’s actions, emphasizing that such unilateral decisions breach the principles of bilateral cooperation. The official statement from the Polish side stressed that German authorities have no right to arbitrarily transport and abandon foreign nationals in Poland without proper coordination and agreement.

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    German Police Justify Illegal Deportation of Afghan Family Amid Communication Breakdown with Polish Authorities

    In a feeble attempt to justify their actions, the German Federal Police issued a statement through the media outlet They claimed that the Afghan family, consisting of five members, was intercepted near Altmaedewitz in Brandenburg as they tried to enter Germany without proper authorization. Despite the family possessing Polish asylum documents for the adults and visa documents for the children, they had not applied for asylum in Germany, supposedly making them subject to deportation back to Poland under existing legal provisions.

    “As there was no response from the Polish side for several hours, even when asked, the officers decided to take the family with a patrol to the German-Polish border near Hohenwutzen in order to release them from there to Poland,”

    was written in the statement

    The German police alleged that they informed the Polish Border Guard at the Świecko centre about their intent to return the family. However, due to the supposed lack of response from Polish authorities, they decided to proceed with transporting the family to the border. To make matters worse, during the journey, the children reportedly felt unwell, prompting the officers to seek medical assistance at a pharmacy in Osinów Dolny. This led to further complications, as the mother allegedly forgot her mobile phone at the federal police station, necessitating an additional trip back to Brandenburg before reuniting the family in Poland.

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