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    German Police Drop Off Immigrants in Poland

    In a surprising incident reported by Chojna24, a German police vehicle crossed the border at Osinów Dolny and left a Middle Eastern family on the Polish side. The incident occurred on Friday, June 14, around 9:00 AM. Witnesses observed the German police car park, after which two adults and three children of Middle Eastern origin exited the vehicle.

    The police car then departed, leaving the individuals behind. They were seen approaching passersby and heading towards a nearby large discount store. Polish police and border guards were subsequently alerted. However, authorities have yet to confirm whether these individuals were detained or if they are illegal immigrants.

    German Police Drop Off Immigrants in Poland
    CCTV screenshot – retrieved from X (Twitter)

    Last week, Aleksandra Fedorska, a correspondent for Polish and German media, claimed that “Poland has quietly accepted German pushbacks of immigrants at the western border” in exchange for Germany not opposing a veto by Donald Tusk on the proposed migration pact. The Polish government hoped that the migrants would soon move on to Western Europe in search of higher social benefits. However, this has not transpired as anticipated.

    Fedorska elaborated on the situation via the X platform, stating, “The Polish government likely thought these people would soon travel to Germany. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Germany’s border sealing was underestimated.” This incident highlights ongoing tensions and complexities in managing immigration between Poland and Germany.

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