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    Glider Caught in Trees: Close Call for Pilot in Płock

    A glider pilot found himself in a precarious situation after his aircraft became entangled in the trees of an allotment garden in Płock, a city on Poland’s Mazovian plains. The incident occurred during the afternoon hours and ended without injury.

    Eyewitnesses were astonished as the glider, piloted by a 60-year-old man, dangled approximately 3 meters above the ground amidst the branches. According to Junior Brigadier Edward Mysera from the Płock Municipal Fire Brigade, the pilot was sober and the initial police investigation suggests the aircraft snagged the trees during an attempted landing.

    The intended landing strip is situated just across the street from the gardens, placing the pilot in an unexpected battle with nature. Rescue teams, including five fire trucks and a heavy technical rescue vehicle, were quickly dispatched to the scene.

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