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    Government Agencies Raid Ziobro’s Home: “Gangster Action” Alleged

    Today, government agencies, reportedly acting on orders from Tusk and Bodnar, forcibly entered the home of Zbigniew Ziobro. Ziobro, who is currently battling cancer, was absent during the raid, undergoing treatment. Patryk Jaki, a Member of the European Parliament for the Sovereign Poland party and a colleague of Ziobro, described the intrusion as a “gangster action.”

    According to Jaki, the raid took place without any attempt at contacting Ziobro, suggesting a deliberate move. He highlighted Ziobro’s absence as easily discernible and emphasized the severity of the situation.

    Jaki further elaborated that the raid may be linked to funding for the Archipelago centre, an initiative aimed at assisting victims of violence. The centre, led by Father Olszewski, offers comprehensive support to those in need. Jaki claimed that the operation might stem from allegations of misdirected subsidies, insinuating a bias against non-leftist organizations.

    Moreover, Jaki revealed that the raid wasn’t isolated to Ziobro’s home, as other politicians, including MPs Woś, Romanowski, and Matecki, also faced similar intrusions.

    The incident has sparked widespread condemnation, with concerns raised about potential abuses of power and political targeting. As the situation unfolds, calls for transparency and accountability resonate, urging authorities to provide answers regarding the legality and motivations behind the raids.

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