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    GovTech and Renaissance Institute Face Potential Closure

    The Minister of Science and Higher Education announced on Thursday the possible dissolution of the GovTech Center and the Renaissance and Baroque Studies Institute. This move is part of a broader initiative to streamline and reorganize institutions under the science ministry. Prime Minister Donald Tusk has urged ministers to compile a list of institutions for closure and propose personnel changes by the end of January.

    Minister Wieczorek clarified that the cultural institutions are subject to a six-month dissolution period, during which actions and potential mergers with other institutes will be assessed. The GovTech Center, focused on digitization, is currently under audit amid allegations of financial irregularities.

    While emphasizing swift and efficient action, Wieczorek noted that decisions are pending, and he instructed the management not to incur further financial commitments until a final resolution is reached.

    Anticipating changes, Wieczorek confirmed alterations in boards and management, exemplified by recent adjustments in the accreditation committee. The fate of the institutions remains uncertain pending a comprehensive review.

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