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    GPWInnovationDay – Celebrating Innovation at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

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    The 16th edition of the GPWInnovationDay conference took place at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, showcasing the strategies and plans of 12 companies operating in rapidly evolving sectors of the modern economy. This event provided a unique opportunity for potential investors to gain insights into the activities of innovative companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and those planning to debut on the market.

    Innovation and Its Impact

    Since 2018, GPWInnovationDay has been a recurrent event, drawing the attention of market analysts, investment funds, private investors, and brokerage houses. In recent years, companies featured at this event have been responsible for a significant number of debuts on the NewConnect market and the GPW Main Market.

    Key Sectors

    Industries such as biotech, high-tech, e-commerce, and gaming are among the most dynamically growing segments of the Polish economy. Innovative Polish companies have been gaining recognition in the global market, leading to Poland being referred to as the “New Silicon Valley” in Central Europe by foreign media.

    Investors’ Choice

    The theme of the 16th GPWInnovationDay conference was “INVESTORS’ CHOICE,” emphasizing the focus on investors’ preferences and selections of the most intriguing companies. The event, traditionally held online, adopted a hybrid format this time, with some speakers presenting in Warsaw.

    The event featured 12 companies, including Cloud Technologies, Creotech Instruments, Genomtec, HiProMine, Sedivio, XTPL, QNA Technology, SDS Optic, Bioceltix, Answear, Scanway, and Lichthund.

    For many companies, presence on the Warsaw Stock Exchange has been a catalyst for growth, and this aspect was a recurring theme in the speeches of the presenters.

    GPWInnovationDay continues to be a significant platform for sharing valuable market insights and direct dialogues with company representatives, making it a crucial event for the Polish and global business landscape.

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