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    Grudziądz Power Plant Nears Completion

    The construction of the gas power plant in Grudziądz has reached nearly 80% completion, with the installation of the turbine assembly, the most critical element of the project, currently underway. This ambitious project, undertaken by Energa from the ORLEN Group, aims to supply power to over 1 million households by 2025.

    Boasting high efficiency and rapid startup times, the Grudziądz gas power plant is set to become one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Europe. The combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) unit will have a gross capacity of 575 MW, capable of producing approximately 4 TWh of energy annually.

    The currently installed gas and steam turbines, along with the generator, are key components of the unit. Their design ensures high flexibility, crucial for complementing less stable renewable energy sources. The Grudziądz unit will achieve one of the best startup times in the market.

    Following its strategy, the ORLEN Group aims to have around 4 GW of installed gas power capacity by the end of the decade to balance renewable sources. Currently, four CCGT units are operational in Płock, Włocławek, Warsaw’s Żerań, and Stalowa Wola, with a combined capacity of 2 GW. The commissioning of the Grudziądz and Ostrołęka CCGTs will increase the installed capacity to over 3.2 GW. Plans are also in place to construct a new gas unit in Warsaw’s Siekierki.

    In line with the Group’s strategy, CCGT power plants will replace coal-fired units, from which ORLEN plans to phase out by 2035. Gas-fired power will also stabilize the system based on renewable energy sources (RES).

    The ORLEN Group also ensures comprehensive gas supply security for domestic consumers, with a diversified portfolio of this resource. Poland’s natural gas demand is met through domestic production from Polish and Norwegian fields and purchases from foreign suppliers. Last year, these sources collectively provided about 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas, meeting approximately 94% of Poland’s annual demand.

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