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    Hanwha Aerospace Signs 2nd Executive Contract for Polish Multiple Rocket Launcher System

    Hanwha Aerospace has signed an additional executive contract with Polish Armaments Agency for supplying 72 more Chunmoo Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems (MRLS), preceded by the framework contract and first executive contract, both signed in 2022.

    Key Agreement Reached: Strengthening Security Ties Between Poland and South Korea

    Worth around 2.27 trillion KRW (1.6 B USD), the contract outlines the supply of 72 Polish Chunmoo Multi-Rocket launchers; CTM-290, a long-range guided missile of Chunmoo; and the transfer of technology on the launch modules of the MRLS.

    The contract was signed on the 25th April at Hanwha Aerospace’s production plant in Changwon, with the attendance of representatives from both Governments. Polish delegates included Pawel Bejda, Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland; Artur Kuptel, Chief of the Polish Armament Agency; and Marcin Kulasek, Deputy Minister of State Property of Poland. Among the Korean attendees were Minister Seok Jong-gun of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration; Deputy Minister Sung Il of the Office of Military Resources Management; and Park Jong-seung, Head of the Agency for Defense Development (ADD).

    “This contract signifies our dedication to supporting the enhancement of security in Poland and the region, irrespective of political and societal changes. Hanwha Aerospace is proud of our ongoing dedication to delivering deterrence solutions to regions with urgent demands,”

    said Jaeil Son, President and CEO of Hanwha Aerospace.

    Successful Test Launch Marks Milestone in Poland-South Korea Defense Collaboration

    A day earlier, the Polish delegation visited ADD’s test site in Anheung, about 100 kilometers southwest of Seoul, to watch the test-firing of the CTM-290 ballistic missile to be launched from the Polish Chunmoo MRLS, nicknamed HOMAR-K.

    The CTM-290 was successfully launched from launcher system, demonstrating its precision-guided striking capability. The missile has a maximum range of 290km with a diameter of 600mm.

    Under the HOMAR-K program, Polish defense companies is to oversee the integration and assembly of the long-range rocket launcher system mounted on Polish Jelcz 8×8 chassis. The MRLS is equipped with a number of Polish components and subsystems, with extensive involvement from the Polish defense industry.

    Hanwha Aerospace’s Commitment to Polish Integration in K9 Howitzer Production

    The latest defense contract underlines the continuation of strong cooperation between the two parties in the defense sector.

    Hanwha Aerospace is operating Polish exclusive assembly line for K9 Self Propelled Howitzer in the Changwon facility with a production capacity of nearly 200 vehicles per year.

    Hanwha Aerospace is also committed to integrating Polish sub-systems into the K9 to develop a K9PL version under executive contracts signed for the past years. In the future, a large portion of the K9PL will be manufactured in Poland, along with a joint development of a newer K9 variant for the Polish Armed Forces.

    About Hanwha Aerospace

    Founded in 1977, Hanwha Aerospace is a global aerospace and defense company that offers a broad portfolio of products and services in all domains of land, air, sea, and space. 
    In the land domain, Hanwha Aerospace provides a variety of defense systems, ranging from artillery systems, armored fighting vehicles to munitions, and precision-guided missiles, while offering advanced engines for space rocket, fighter aircraft, helicopters, and naval vessels. 
    Hanwha Aerospace is also spearheading South Korea’s space projects, taking charge of systems integration of the next-generation KSLV-III space rocket. More information is available at

    Hanwha Aerospace is dedicated to implement a full-scale localization of the MRLS in cooperation with Polish industries under the ‘Homar-K’ program.

    Hanwha Aerospace’s commitment to the Polish defense posture remains strong with ‘on-time production and delivery,’ as production of the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer is in full swing to manufacture nearly 200 vehicles per year.

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