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    Have you broken up with your partner? Name a cockroach after them!

    In honour of Valentine’s Day, the Łódź Zoo (central Poland) has a proposal for people who have recently split up with their partners. They can adopt a Madagascar hissing cockroach and name it after their ex. The insects will later be eaten by other animals in the zoo. The basic package includes naming rights. The premium package includes naming rights and a photo of the moment when the cockroach is being eaten by another animal. With the premium package, you can personally feed the cockroach to a meerkat. The proceeds from the zoo’s initiative will be donated to the Pangolin Foundation, which helps endangered species survive.

    Ukraine Thwarts Russian-Ordered Arson Attacks in Poland and Baltic States

    Ukraine foils Russian-ordered arson attacks targeting Poland and Baltic States; three suspects arrested, weapons and counterfeit documents seized. The Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office announced today...