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    Helicopter Incident During Training Flight in Okrzeja: Crew Safely Returns After Snapping Power Line

    A military training flight went awry on Tuesday afternoon near the village of Okrzeja, Lublin Province, when a Mi-2 helicopter accidentally clipped a low-voltage power line. The incident, which could have had severe consequences, ended safely as the crew managed to return to the base without further issues.

    The event occurred during a routine training mission involving a senior cadet from the Military Aviation Academy. The helicopter, belonging to the 41st Training Aviation Base in Dęblin, was performing maneuvers when it encountered the power line. The sudden jolt felt by the crew prompted an immediate and cautious response.

    “The crew, following standard procedures, decided to abort the mission and return to the airport of the 41st Training Aviation Base,” reported the 4th Training Aviation Wing. They highlighted that the landing was executed smoothly and without any further complications.

    The State Aviation Accident Investigation Commission has been tasked with determining the specific circumstances and causes of the incident. Their findings will help in implementing measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

    This incident brings to light the risks associated with aviation training and the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols. The effective response of the crew in this stressful situation averted potential disaster, underscoring the value of rigorous training and preparedness in the aviation industry.

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