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    High School Student from Piła County Selected for NASA Training in the USA

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    Zuzanna Kassner, a second-year student with a biology-chemistry profile at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie High School in Piła, is set to attend a week-long space training program at NASA’s Space & Rocket Center in Alabama, USA, in July. This remarkable achievement is a result of Zuzanna’s outstanding scientific abilities, grant acquisition, and independent research projects.

    Zuzanna had previously participated in workshops at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw in December of last year, a prestigious program held at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the PAS. This recognition was a significant honor, as only 20 high school students were selected from across Poland.

    Her journey to the USA for NASA training marks an even greater success. Zuzanna Kassner is part of a 4-member team of talented students from Poland who won the first Polish edition of the prestigious AI Worden Foundation’s “Endeavour” Scholarship competition. The final took place at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, with only 20 students qualifying out of 200 applicants. The students were tasked with designing and building a prototype lunar lander, emphasizing both planning and teamwork.

    Starosta Pilski, Eligiusz Komarowski, congratulated Zuzanna on her tremendous success, commending her as an exceptionally talented and ambitious student. He expressed his hopes for her to have a fantastic adventure in the USA, achieve further success, and realize her plans and dreams. The starosta also extended his congratulations to Zuzanna’s parents, recognizing their pride in having such a remarkable and talented daughter.


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