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    Historian Sławomir Cenckiewicz Hits Back Amid Online Attacks: “Truth Will Prevail!

    In the face of vile attacks and vulgar insinuations propagated online, renowned historian Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz has boldly defended himself against relentless assaults on his character and work. The attacks, largely spread by individuals including Mirosław Różański of Poland 2050, targeted Cenckiewicz’s reputation, questioning his integrity and the authenticity of his contributions to historical discourse.

    Recently, Cenckiewicz found himself under fire, with baseless accusations and offensive remarks circulating on the internet, notably fueled by Senator-elect Mirosław Różański. The attacks, implying immoral situations and suggesting false narratives, were met with a strong response from Cenckiewicz. In the face of these slurs, he not only defended his own honor but also that of his loved ones, firmly condemning those responsible for spreading lies and defamation.

    Cenckiewicz, a co-author of the series “Reset,” which delves into critical historical events, faced allegations that aimed to tarnish his professional and personal life. Responding to the onslaught of negativity, Cenckiewicz quoted derogatory statements made by Wojciech Czuchnowski and Tomasz Wiejski, labeling them as “Archbishops of Evil.” He retorted, highlighting their hypocrisy as they condemned hate while actively engaging in it themselves.

    “You Are Helpless,” Cenckiewicz asserted, addressing his detractors directly. He challenged their credibility, stating unequivocally that they were incapable of undermining any of the facts or documents he presented. He emphasized that every word he wrote about figures like Wałęsa and every fact revealed in his film about anti-Polish and pro-Russian policies during the time of Tusk and Sikorski was the undeniable truth.

    Undeterred by the attacks, Cenckiewicz confronted his adversaries: “You cannot undermine anything – no fact, no document. You cannot win in court on these matters. You are helpless. That’s why the Factory of Evil exists, because Evil is the father of lies – your father!”

    He further proclaimed that the truths about their “patron of lies” and his alliance with a prominent Sopot figure, who allegedly collaborated with FSB on spying activities after the Smolensk tragedy, would continue to be exposed. Cenckiewicz remained resolute, expressing his determination to reveal the truth despite attempts to intimidate him, audits, manipulations, and document destruction.

    With unwavering faith, Cenckiewicz concluded his response: “But still, the truth will triumph! With God’s help!”

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