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    Historic Trams Take Center Stage in Krakow on a Spectacular Sunday

    Krakow, a city steeped in history and culture, is about to witness a charming spectacle as vintage trams take to the tracks this Sunday. Commemorating the past and offering a unique experience for locals and visitors alike, the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) has prepared an unforgettable journey aboard these treasured relics of the past.

    Originally scheduled for early July on the Krakow Museum Line, the eagerly anticipated tram composition faced an unfortunate setback. A breakdown of one of the trams, specifically the venerable SN2, dashed the initial plans. However, determined to uphold the joy of this historical tram ride, the MPK made a resolute decision to deploy the trams today, ensuring enthusiasts won’t miss this exceptional opportunity.

    Tram Line Number 0, a beloved fixture among Krakow’s traditional routes, will traverse its well-known path. Starting from the “Dajwór” loop, the tram will journey through ul. Na Zjeździe, ul. Limanowskiego, ul. Krakowska, ul. Stradomska, ul. św. Gertrudy, ul. Dominikańska, ul. Franciszkańska, ul. Straszewskiego, ul. Piłsudskiego, al. 3 Maja, and return to the loop “Cichy Kącik.” Operating from 11:30 to 18:30, the tram will run every 90 minutes, offering riders an opportunity to step back in time.

    Moreover, an additional treat awaits tram enthusiasts, as a brand-new Line Number 15 makes its debut. Embarking from the “Pleszów” loop, the tram will navigate through ul. Igołomska, ul. Ujastek Mogilski, al. Solidarności, al. Jana Pawła II, al. Pokoju, al. Powstania Warszawskiego, ul. Lubicz, ul. Basztowa, ul. Dunajewskiego, ul. Podwale, ul. Piłsudskiego, al. 3 Maja, and back to the loop “Cichy Kącik.” This newly introduced line will operate between 11:00 and 17:00, with trams running every 60 minutes.

    Taking center stage to fulfill this nostalgic journey, the historic trams SN2 and PN2 have been selected for Line Number 0. Hailing from the year 1939, the SN2 trams arrived in Krakow after being manufactured in Sanok. They boast a single passenger compartment adorned with wooden seats, epitomizing the charm of a bygone era. The PN2 trams, on the other hand, were introduced in 1938 and primarily served as trailers for their SN2 counterparts.

    As Line Number 15 connects Cichy Kącik with Pleszów, it will be gracefully served by the distinguished T4 and B4 trams from Nuremberg, an illustrious addition to the MPK’s collection. Joining them on this exciting route is tram 102N, produced by Chorzów-based Konstal during the late 1960s and early 1970s. These trams, acquired as used vehicles from Nuremberg in the late 1980s, bring a touch of international history to Krakow’s tram network. Notably, the T4 trams concluded their service in 2002, while the B4 trams bid farewell to the tracks in 2008.

    For those planning to partake in this memorable journey, the fare aligns with regular ticket prices for Zone I. Additionally, season ticket holders are in for a treat, as their passes remain valid for all lines, including Line Number 0. Ensuring a delightful journey, the Krakow Model Railway Club will provide passenger service aboard these historical gems, and each traveler will be presented with a special commemorative ticket as a memento of this extraordinary experience.

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