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    IDEAS NCBR Establishes Innovative Robotics Research Team with a Focus on AI

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    In a groundbreaking move, IDEAS NCBR, a research and development center specializing in artificial intelligence, has formed a new research team known as the “Physical Interaction Robotics Team.” The primary mission of this team is to revolutionize the way robots navigate through unstructured environments, such as homes and streets, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, sometimes referred to as physical or embodied intelligence.

    Led by Krzysztof Walas, the team aims to bridge the gap between theoretical AI models and their practical implementation in real-world robots. Their initial focus will be on the locomotion of walking robots in diverse terrains, with an emphasis on achieving a comprehensive understanding of the physics of contact.

    The team will start by using existing robot models and leveraging machine learning to develop algorithms. As their research advances, they plan to incorporate 3D printing to create custom physical components for the robots, enabling innovations in areas like grasping and designing new feet for walking robots.

    Safety remains a top priority, with a commitment to upholding Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, ensuring that robots do no harm to humans. Potential applications include automating previously challenging production systems and improving the mobility of walking robots, opening up possibilities in industrial inspections, search and rescue missions, and daily-life assistance.

    The team will utilize cutting-edge AI tools, including machine learning and advanced computer vision, with a focus on unsupervised techniques.IDEAS NCBR’s innovative approach promises to push the boundaries of robotics and AI, offering potential solutions to previously intractable challenges.

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