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    Illegal Attempts to Cross Polish Border Continue: Over 240 Individuals Attempted Over the Weekend

    The Podlaskie Branch of the Border Guard in Białystok has provided a summary of the past weekend, revealing a concerning trend of illegal attempts to enter Poland. According to their report, there were a staggering 242 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus.

    The majority of these attempts, totaling 107 individuals, occurred on Saturday. Sunday saw a slightly lower number, with 78 attempts, while Friday witnessed 57. “Most migrants, upon encountering Polish patrols, retreated deeper into Belarus,” the Border Guard informed.

    These illegal attempts were concentrated in the areas covered by Border Guard stations in Białowieża, Dubicze Cerkiewne, Mielnik, and Płaska.

    In the area under the protection of the Białowieża Border Guard station, there were several attempts to cross the border through the Przewłoka and Leśna Prawa rivers.

    Furthermore, there were instances where migrants, faced with barriers erected along the border, resorted to throwing branches and stones at Polish authorities.

    The Podlaskie Branch of the Border Guard disclosed that since the beginning of 2024, a total of approximately 1,600 illegal attempts to cross the border from Belarus have been recorded.

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