“Important Place” in Silesia: A Unique Experience to Understand the World of the Blind

    Imagine being in complete darkness, surrounded only by the sounds of people, objects, and street noise. That’s the experience visitors have at the Ważni Ludzie Foundation’s Important Place in Bytom, Silesian Voivodeship. This special place, run by blind educators, aims to help sighted people understand the challenges faced by the blind.

    Ważni Ludzie Foundation was founded six years ago. The idea for the “Important Place” was inspired by the Invisible Exhibition in Warsaw, where people can briefly experience the world of the blind in a specially darkened room.

    Zofia Wojnar, Deputy President of the Ważni Ludzie Foundation, says, “The idea of creating an “Important Place” led by blind people was inspired by Warsaw, where the Invisible Exhibition was established. It’s a specially equipped and darkened space where you can briefly confront what blind people experience.”

    The Important Place offers a range of educational activities and workshops for children, teenagers, seniors, and employees. Educators answer questions about what blind individuals see, how Braille reading works, and the technological innovations helping them in daily life.

    For a more immersive experience, the Important Place invites participants to join a dinner during which the served dishes are a surprise, allowing the guests to discover the richness of flavours and aromas. There is also an opportunity to have a walk in complete darkness. These activities allow sighted individuals to rely solely on their senses of taste and smell, discovering the richness of flavours and aromas.


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