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    Inauguration of the planting of the John Paul II Memorial Forest

    Polish foresters have always stood guard over the most precious values and recognised authorities. Now they are standing up for the good name of Pope John Paul II. A campaign to plant John Paul II Memorial Forests is being launched across Poland as a tribute to his unquestionable sanctity and services to our homeland.

    “The Polish Pope had a special love for Polish nature. Today, it is we who set the example that his words “I thank God for the majesty and beauty of the created world” guide our efforts to protect this nature,”

    Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment Edward Siarka stressed during the inauguration of the campaign in Celestynów Forest District.

    The John Paul II Memorial Forests is an initiative of foresters undertaken as part of the nationwide campaign “Trees Connect Us.” It is an expression of Poles’ gratitude to Saint John Paul II, who sought the voice of God in Polish forests and emphasised that respect for nature fosters the birth of solidarity between people. 

    “The beauty of this land prompts me to call for its preservation for future generations. If you love your native land, let this call not go unanswered! I address myself in a special way to those entrusted with responsibility for this land and its development, so that they do not forget their duty to protect it from ecological destruction!”

    John Paul II preached during his pilgrimage to Poland in 1999.

    Polish foresters plant 500 million trees every year. Each of us can take part in this. 

    “This great idea unites all Poles. In each regional directorate of the State Forests, you can meet with foresters and plant trees together. Everyone who holds nature close to their heart is welcome,”

    Jozef Kubica, Director General of the State Forests, encourages.
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