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    Intense Russian Aviation Activity. Polish and Allied Aircraft Activated

    In the wake of Russia’s devastating missile assault on Ukraine, alarms echo across the nation, with explosions shaking cities, including the capital, Kyiv. Polish residents are urged to remain vigilant, especially in the southeastern region, as the activation of Polish and allied aircraft may lead to heightened noise levels. 

    In a statement released by the Operational Command, it is reported that there has been a noticeable surge in the activity of Russian long-range aviation, closely linked with missile strikes targeting Ukrainian territory.

    “All necessary safety protocols for the Polish airspace have been initiated,” affirmed the Operational Command, emphasizing their continuous monitoring of the unfolding situation. The statement reiterated the activation of Polish and allied aircraft and cautioned citizens about the possibility of heightened noise levels, especially in the southeastern region.

    The announcement follows Wednesday morning’s devastating missile assault by Russia on Ukraine, plunging the nation into turmoil. Alarms reverberated across the country as explosions rattled cities, including the capital, Kyiv. Rockets struck residential areas in Kharkiv, while Mykolaiv also bore the brunt of the onslaught.

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