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    International Bel Canto Concert in Warsaw

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    Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas with the International Bel Canto Concert in Warsaw, featuring traditional carols in operatic style.

    Experience the enchantment of the holiday season at the International Concert: Christmas Bel Canto on December 29th, 5:45 PM, at the Church of the Visitation Sisters in Warsaw. This magical event blends traditional Polish carols with the vocal technique of bel canto (operatic singing) and contemporary harmonies.

    The concert will feature artists from around the world, including Marta Mazanek-Matuszewska (coloratura soprano), Hu Xuzhu (coloratura soprano), Qianwen Liu (lyric soprano), Michał Lasoń (spinto tenor), Wenhan Li (tenor), WangYang Chen (baritone), Walentyna Chondoka (organ), and Tomasz Karwowski (organ). Expect to hear beloved carols like “Jezus Malusieńki” and “Mizerna cicha” in innovative arrangements.

    Presented by the Association of Classical Music Enthusiasts, this concert promises a unique fusion of tradition and vocal artistry.

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