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    Introducing Mandatory Fitness Tests for Polish Students

    Starting this year, Polish students from grades 4th to 8th in primary schools and secondary schools will undergo mandatory fitness tests as part of their physical education curriculum. This initiative, introduced by recent amendments to the Education Law, aims to assess students’ physical abilities and promote overall health.

    Mandatory Fitness Testing

    The fitness tests, conducted between March and April, consist of four standardized assessments: shuttle run, beep test, plank exercise, and standing long jump. These tests measure various aspects of physical fitness, including speed, endurance, strength, and agility.

    Unlike traditional grading systems, the results of these tests will not affect students’ grades in physical education. Instead, they will be used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, aiding in the planning of personalized fitness activities.

    Data Collection and Privacy

    Test results, along with students’ height and weight data, will be recorded on the platform managed by the Ministry of Sport. However, data privacy is ensured, with anonymized results shared only with sports clubs and associations for talent scouting purposes.

    The “Sportowe Talenty” program not only promotes health but also aims to identify and nurture sports talents. By providing equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds, the program seeks to bridge gaps in access to sports facilities and club memberships.

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