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    Invincible Dominika Stelmach became World Record holder in 12-hour run

    Dominika Stelmach became the new world record holder in the 12-hour run. During the Spartanion competition in Israel, the Pole ran over 152 kilometres in half a day.

    The 40-year-old Stelmach specialises in very long-distance running. She has repeatedly won medals in the Polish mountain running championships and has also won marathons. Two other achievements are also noteworthy. In 2017, Stelmach recorded the best result in the world among women at Wings for Life (68.21 km), and three years later she broke the European record in the 100-kilometre run (7:04:36).

    In the competition in Israel, the Pole also proved to be the best. After 12 hours, success could already be celebrated. The Pole ran 152 kilometres and 633 metres in that time. Thus, Stelmach beat the record of Camille Herron, whose result was barely a few hundred metres lower. As you can count, the 40-year-old’s average pace was 4:43 minutes.

    “Tel Aviv: 12-hour run – 1st Dominika Stelmach 152 km 633 m (World Record!). The Pole is the first woman in history to cover a distance of more than 150 km in 12 hours (a pace of 4:43 per kilometre!),” Athletics News reported. 

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