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    Izera – Beauty and Functionality Combined

    The Polish Izera electric cars are to be not only beautiful but also spacious and practical. The Italian Pininfarina design studio, which together with designers from ElectroMobility Poland will work on the production version of the car, has already introduced more than 1,000 car models to the world’s showrooms.

    Located on the outskirts of Turin, the studio is famous for its timeless designs, commissioned by such brands as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Cars designed by Pininfarina have sold in the hundreds of thousands. They are not only beautiful but also functional.

    “From the very beginning of work on the design of a new car, even at the conceptual stage, we take into account not only aesthetic considerations, but we also think about the feasibility and functionality of the car,”

    Giuseppe Bonollo, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Pininfarina, says.

    All the elements of the new car must be refined with maximum care.

    “The creation process is complex. It requires collaboration, consistency, and consideration of many aspects depending on what you are starting with. Whether it is a completely new generation of cars or whether you are working from existing sketches, technological and stylistic assumptions,”

    Giuseppe Bonollo adds.

    Also, Lukasz Maliczenko, director of technical product development at ElectroMobility Poland, the company that owns the Izera brand, points out that in the design process, you have to consider not only the form but also how it will be used.

    “That’s why such a big effort is directed at verifying the design through various types of tests, checking the ergonomics. Sometimes even an analysis with psychologists, so as to best understand the way the customer will actually use the car and adapt the design to that,”

    Lukasz Maliczenko says.

    Importantly, the use of powertrain-related electrical architecture in cars makes it possible to optimise the space inside the cabin.

    “It allows us to move the whole cabin closer to the front axle and so we get a lot of interior spaciousness, and the lack of a drive shaft allows us to have a flat floor. This makes it much more comfortable, we have more legroom,”

    Lukasz Maliczenko explains.

    He stresses that ElectroMobility Poland’s cooperation with a renowned Italian styling studio is to ensure that the Izera project is created following the standards of the automotive market and with a balance between stylistic, engineering and business aspects. 

    The first Izera cars are expected to roll off the production line at the end of 2025.

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