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    Jan Błachowicz’s Narrow Loss to Alex Pereira

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    In a highly anticipated clash at UFC 291, Jan Błachowicz faced former middleweight champion, Alex Pereira, in a thrilling matchup for the light heavyweight eliminator. Despite an incredible display of skills and determination, the Polish fighter narrowly lost to Pereira, leaving both fans and experts divided over the contentious decision.

    The First Round

    Błachowicz showed his intention early on, attempting takedowns and grappling exchanges, but Pereira’s solid defense foiled his efforts. Eventually, the Polish fighter managed to take Pereira down, controlling the position and attempting submissions, but the Brazilian remained resilient.

    The Second Round

    An exchange of strikes saw both fighters landing significant blows, with Błachowicz demonstrating his power. A well-timed takedown by the Polish fighter brought the action to the ground, though Pereira regained momentum towards the end of the round.

    The Third Round

    With fatigue setting in, Błachowicz and Pereira continued to trade strikes. Błachowicz executed another takedown, maintaining control in the grappling exchanges. The round ended with both fighters vying for dominance.

    The Controversial Verdict

    In a split decision, Pereira was declared the winner (29-28, 29-28, 28-29), leaving many American experts questioning the outcome. Błachowicz expressed surprise at the judges’ scoring, adding to the heated discussion.

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