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    Join the Nationwide Tree Planting Campaign #sadziMY

    In a bid to celebrate a century of existence of State Forests, Poland is gearing up for the sixth edition of the nationwide tree planting campaign, #sadziMY. With a million seedlings prepared by foresters, this initiative aims to highlight the crucial role of forests and trees in sustaining life on Earth.

    The sixth edition of the #sadziMY campaign will take place on April 12

    The Importance of Trees:

    Trees not only provide oxygen and purify the air but also have a positive impact on climate and mental well-being. They offer solace from the hustle and bustle of urban life, acting as sanctuaries for diverse flora and fauna.

    The Initiative and its Goals:

    Directed by Witold Koss, the General Director of State Forests, this initiative not only encourages citizens to participate in tree planting but also educates them about native species that contribute to ecosystem balance. #PlantingTogether aligns with the EU’s commitment to planting an additional three billion trees by 2030, vital for nature restoration and climate change mitigation.

    How to Participate:

    With a million saplings distributed across 429 forest districts, individuals can collect them from the nearest forest office. Those in urban areas can find sapling booths in select city centers. It’s advised to bring along packaging to protect the saplings’ roots and store them properly before planting.

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