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    Justice minister calls for increased coal mining in Poland

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    Justice Minister and leader of a Eurosceptic party, Zbigniew Ziobro, has expressed that the government should invest more in coal mining to lower energy costs for Poles.

    Solidary Poland, led by Ziobro, is vehement in their rejection of the European Union’s green projects, such as the elimination of fossil fuels and a decrease in the use of cars.

    At a press conference on Monday, Ziobro commented that the use of inexpensive energy from lignite and hard coal is essential for Poland’s energy security and growth. He went on to say that the cabinet will review a document the following day, which will define the future of the nation’s energy sectors.

    “We don’t agree with the further liquidation of Polish lignite or hard coal mining,” he said. “We demand real investment from the state in this sector.”

    The European Union has proposed a 55% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, to which Poland has expressed support for said goals but has requested more time to convert its energy sector to a coal-free model.


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