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    Katarzyna Person Among 2024 Dan David Prize Winners

    Dan David Prize 2024 celebrates nine historians, including Katarzyna Person, for groundbreaking historical research.

    The Dan David Prize, the world’s most prestigious award for history, has announced its 2024 winners, celebrating nine exceptional scholars.

    Among the laureates is Katarzyna Person from the Warsaw Ghetto Museum, recognized for her groundbreaking work on marginalized Holocaust narratives. Each winner, representing fields like archaeology and social history, receives $300,000 to support their research.

    Ariel David emphasized the importance of understanding history to address present and future challenges. The prize, founded by the late Dan David, honors innovative and interdisciplinary research, fostering the next generation of historians.

    The winners include scholars from Europe, Asia, and North America, highlighting diverse studies from Indian democracy’s origins to the impact of diseases in the American South.

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