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    Katopolis Spectacle Kicks Off European City of Science Celebrations in Katowice

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    On Saturday evening, the musical-theatrical spectacle “Katopolis” marked the beginning of the celebrations for the European City of Science Katowice 2024. This title, awarded by EuroScience in collaboration with the European Commission, is the first for a city in Central and Eastern Europe.

    A Night of Celebration and Reflection

    The performance at the Katowice Spodek was opened by Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, a globally renowned expert in sustainable development and climate change indicators, addressing the role of science in contemporary challenges such as the climate crisis, biodiversity threats, and pollution. He emphasized the need for science to collaborate with economics, politics, and art to combat these issues.

    The spectacle featured diverse compositions, including renditions of songs by various artists, intertwined with theatrical anecdotes related to the region’s history and key figures in science and culture. Messages from regional university rectors and local authorities were also incorporated, responding humorously to questions about ideas surrounding the European City of Science Katowice 2024.

    Artistic Direction and Performances

    Artistic director Miłosz “Miuosh” Borycki, in collaboration with the “Śląsk” ensemble, an orchestra, and combined academic choirs, curated the artistic direction of Katopolis. The event involved the participation of writer Zbigniew Rokita and director Jan Matuszyński.

    Katopolis unfolded on the first day of the 7th edition of the Silesian Festival of Science, serving as the opening weekend for the European City of Science Katowice 2024. The year-long program for the EMNK 24 will revolve around five thematic program areas, with a focus on 50 themed weeks of science for the public.

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