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    Katowice Community Joins Forces for ‘Clean Up Our Waters’ Initiative

    Katowice residents are gearing up for another edition of their community-driven clean-up initiative, “SprzątaMy,” organized by the local government. This year, the focus is on areas surrounding water reservoirs and the river, as announced by Mayor Marcin Krupa.

    Engagement of Local Communities

    For several years, Katowice residents have increasingly taken the initiative in organizing clean-up efforts. Moreover, local businesses actively participate in supporting community initiatives, such as the “SprzątaMy z firmami” campaign, highlighting a growing sense of civic responsibility.

    The project comprises three stages, starting with residents suggesting areas for clean-up until March 8th. Selected locations will undergo community voting, with the most popular ones hosting events combining waste collection, community integration, and education.

    Emphasis on Water Conservation

    This year’s theme, water conservation, underscores the importance of safeguarding water bodies, often overlooked despite Poland’s water-related challenges. Organizers stress the need to cherish and preserve water resources amid increasing drought concerns.

    Beyond the well-known Three Ponds Valley, Katowice boasts numerous water reservoirs and rivers, including those currently undergoing revitalization efforts, offering ample opportunities for community involvement.

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