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    KGHM Shines: Strong Performance and Stability in H1 2023

    Amidst global economic uncertainty, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., a leading Polish mining and metallurgy firm, impresses with its strong performance in H1 2023. Guided by effective management strategies, efficiency improvements, and bold investments, the company secures robust production and financial outcomes, solidifying its global market presence.

    Tomasz Zdzikot, President of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., highlights management’s focus on efficiency and cost optimization. These efforts bolster resilience in a challenging macroeconomic climate and enable new endeavors like constructing shafts and an innovative Salt Brewing Plant in the Copper Belt.

    Central to KGHM’s success is steady progress in planned projects, aligned with record Capital Expenditure (Capex) goals. The Deposit Sharing Project exemplifies this commitment with the launch of the GG-1 shaft, delving 1,348 meters deep. The Kwielice shaft, a major non-ferrous metals project, now connects to the Rudna mine, enhancing safety and efficiency.

    Construction of the GG-2 shaft marks continued expansion, supported by meticulous geological surveys conducted by KGHM Cuprum Sp. z o.o.

    A noteworthy initiative is the Salt Brewing Plant, addressing environmental concerns while producing salt and fertilizers. KGHM’s eco-friendly approach extends to energy development, focusing on renewables, including a small modular nuclear power plant, aligned with Poland’s energy transition.

    KGHM’s industry leadership is evident as a top copper and silver producer. Retaining its position in the World Silver Survey 2023 underscores its global influence. Achieving revenue of PLN 17,757 million in H1 2023 despite volatile metal prices demonstrates adept financial management.

    As KGHM balances production and sustainability, its reputation as an industry leader strengthens. The company’s ability to thrive in tumultuous markets, navigate uncertainties, and make bold choices solidifies its role as a vital pillar in Poland’s economy and a global powerhouse.

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