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    Knife Attack on Polish Soldier at Border: Authorities Identify Attacker’s Image

    In a shocking incident at the Polish-Belarusian border, a Polish soldier named Mateusz Sitek was stabbed by an assailant, whose image is now known to the Polish authorities, as reported by “Rzeczpospolita.” The attacker fled into Belarus after the assault, and efforts are underway to identify him.

    The attack, which occurred as the 21-year-old private attempted to repair a breach in the border barrier, was captured by surveillance cameras mounted on border guard masts. Despite the grainy footage, authorities are working to enhance the image to better identify the perpetrator.

    A source familiar with the video footage mentioned that the attacker has a dark complexion, suggesting he might be one of the migrants residing on the Belarusian side rather than a Belarusian official.

    Following the stabbing, the attacker escaped further into Belarus. Polish authorities are hopeful that migrants in the Border Guard centers will assist in identifying the suspect. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has demanded that Belarusian authorities locate and extradite the individual responsible for the murder.

    According to the Ministry of Defense’s operations center, 48 soldiers have been injured in direct confrontations with migrants since the beginning of the year, with 28 incidents occurring in May alone.

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