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    “Kulisy Manipulacji” Tonight at 9:10 PM on TV Republika!

    In the next episode of “Kulisy Manipulacji” with Katarzyna Gójska, Piotr Lisiewicz, and Robert Bąkiewicz, the team will delve into the controversies surrounding the Polish-Belarusian border. Watch tonight at 9:10 PM on TV Republika!

    The show hosts will discuss the emotional reactions of MP Michał Gramatyka to a non-existent individual’s plight and the fictional scenes from Agnieszka Holland’s commercial film depicting the Polish border guards’ harsh treatment of illegal migrants. According to TVN and Janina Ochojska, there are numerous bodies, yet mysteriously, none can be found.

    The Beaver Conundrum and Border Security

    The episode will explore further whether beavers, previously blamed for damaging Bronisław Komorowski’s water barriers, will be employed to secure the eastern border. The discussion will extend to the rationale behind Donald Tusk’s efforts to barricade the border with Lithuania. The team will humorously ponder if the beaver is an ally or an enemy.

    Join us for an insightful and engaging discussion on these pressing issues!

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