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    “Kulisy Manipulacji” Tonight at 9:10 PM on TV Republika!

    Tune in today to “Kulisy Manipulacji” on TV Republika! Join the discussion with the hosts at 9:10 PM on the most pressing political topics. For those who can’t wait, we recommend watching the latest episode available online.

    In the latest episode of “Kulisy Manipulacji,” hosts Katarzyna Gójska and Piotr Lisiewicz tackle the controversial topic of Polish soldiers being handcuffed for defending the border. Robert Bąkiewicz joins the studio to scrutinize the manipulation mechanisms affecting public opinion on these events.

    Piotr Czaban’s Role

    Special attention is given to activist and former TVN journalist Piotr Czaban, who influenced the creation of a prosecutorial team investigating alleged crimes by Polish soldiers on the border. The discussion also touches on controversial comparisons made by Piotr Czaban and Agnieszka Holland, likening defensive actions at the border to the Holocaust.

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