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    Last time such work was carried out in Poland was during the reconstruction of the castle in Malbork

    The reconstruction and renovation of a 14th-century castle is underway in Świecie, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. During the reconstruction of the castle in Malbork, similar work was done in Poland last time. As part of the first stage of the project, the medieval stellar vaults in the refectory have been recreated. The Teutonic knights used to eat there once.

    The castle was built in the former state of the Teutonic Order in the mid-fourteenth century. In its heyday, it was solidly fortified and protected, among others by through the moats fed by the waters of the Vistula and Wda rivers. It is the only preserved tower of the castle; it is 35 meters high which makes it the highest leaning tower in Poland.

    “We consistently support investments related to the protection and reconstruction of historic buildings in the region. Preserving them in the best possible condition for future generations is an important element of our cultural identity.”,

    emphasized Marshal Piotr Całbecki.

    The current works are part of the planned wider restoration of the building, which is also to include the castle’s cellars, cloisters and barrel vault on the low and high ground floors, as well as the construction of a staircase with an elevator.

    In the coming weeks, bricklaying of the vaults will be renowated with hand-made Gothic bricks and fittings. There will be also another works iin the area of the castle.

    In addition, a new cash register and public toilet will be also renewed for visitors. Also, brick stairs leading from the solitary confinement to the castle chapel are currently being reconstructed, and electrical and sanitary installations are being made.

    The tower terrace is also being renovated. Layers of the floor are removed, and a new waterproof insulation will be added to protect the top floor of the tower against the destructive influence of water.

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