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    Law and Justice Party Backs President’s Amendments to Russian Commission Law in Poland

    The dominant party in Poland’s governing coalition, Law and Justice, has announced its support for the amendments proposed by President Andrzej Duda to the law establishing a commission investigating Russian influence over the Polish government. This development comes amidst concerns that the law could be used to exclude opposition politicians, potentially affecting the upcoming general election. 

    Law and Justice, the leading political party in Poland’s governing coalition, has voiced its backing for the amendments tabled by President Andrzej Duda concerning the law establishing a commission to investigate alleged Russian influence on the Polish government. In a statement made on Tuesday, the party’s spokesperson confirmed their support for the president’s proposed changes.

    The law, which became effective at the end of last month, has sparked controversy due to concerns that it may be exploited to exclude opposition figures, including Donald Tusk, the leader of the largest opposition party, from participating in the upcoming general election this autumn. As it currently stands, the commission holds the authority to bar individuals from holding public office.

    Both the European Union and the United States have raised concerns about the law, fearing its potential to undermine the integrity of free and fair elections in Poland.

    President Duda’s amendments aim to address some of the contentious aspects of the law, such as the commission’s power to exclude individuals from public office. 

    Rafal Bochenek, the spokesperson for Law and Justice, expressed the party’s support for the proposed amendments in an interview with Polish Radio. He emphasized that the functioning and composition of the commission would be determined after the amendments are passed.

    Bochenek also clarified that despite the amendments, the commission would retain its ability to uncover relevant facts regarding alleged Russian influence on Poland’s governing elites. He stated that the Polish people have the right to know the underlying factors that have impacted the nation’s internal security, which is the primary purpose of the commission.

    Malgorzata Paprocka, a presidential aide, expressed her satisfaction with the ruling party’s support for the proposed amendments. She also expressed hope that the opposition would endorse the amended commission laws.


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