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    Leftist Senator Blames Polish Officer Attacked by Migrant: “Sorry, He Needs to Be Careful”

    Maybe they just wanted to talk. Maybe they wanted to light a cigarette for them. It was simply a mistake. Mistakes happen to everyone (…) Sorry, he needs to be careful – said Leftist senator Waldemar Witkowski regarding the recent attack by an illegal migrant on a Polish Border Guard officer during an interview with editor Katarzyna Gójska on Telewizja Republika. According to the politician, it’s the officers who are responsible for becoming victims of the assault because they got too close to the barrier. The discussion shifted to this topic following the issue of 3,500 migrants transported to Poland from Germany. Representatives of the ruling parties on the program “W Punkt” had little to say on this subject.

    Over 3,500 illegal migrants entered Poland from January to April, as revealed by journalist Aleksandra Fedorowska, who obtained information from the German federal police. They reported that by April 30, the federal police recorded 5,621 people illegally crossing the Polish-German border, of which 3,578 were sent back to Poland. This matter was discussed in the program “W Punkt” on Telewizja Republika.

    “The number would be shocking, if…”

    “This shows that when there is no government that takes care of Poland’s interests, of Polish society’s interests, then things happen that the Polish state has no control over,” stated Joanna Lichocka (PiS).

    She asserted that “we have an external party in power, a German party representing German interests, and Germany is behaving more freely.” According to her, the number of 3,500 migrants “would be shocking if it weren’t for the fact that we know the Tusk government is preparing Poles” to accept foreigners as part of the migration pact. – They claim during the election campaign that they do not agree to this, but in practice, they have agreed to the migration pact – she emphasized.

    “Why would the German government lie?”

    Jacek Ozdoba, a member of Suwerenna Polska, spoke next. He emphasized that there were no migrants in Poland only because in 2015, the United Right government reversed the decision of former Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. – The migration pact in the European Parliament was adopted by the European People’s Party and everyone else except the United Right, because either they abstained, removed their cards, or voted “for”. The only political option that was against it was (…) the United Right – he said.

    He noted that journalists would not receive information about the 3,500 migrants from Polish services because of the ongoing election campaign. – They will even lie to deceive Poles – he declared.

    “Why would the German government lie? We have the answer here. During the election campaign, we do not receive information, the Polish society is being deceived just as Donald Tusk does,” he stated.

    A Difficult Topic for the Ruling Party

    Representatives of the ruling coalition did not feel comfortable discussing this topic. Janusz Piechociński from PSL avoided it as much as he could. He suggested that the data is unreliable and that confirmation from Polish services is needed. He also tried to change the direction of the conversation.

    Senator Waldemar Witkowski from the Left said more, perhaps too much.

    The Leftist Senator’s Performance

    Witkowski stated that 3,500 is an abstract number. – It is simply total abstraction. Let’s get down to earth – he said.

    He announced that he would gladly accept migrants for work. – I need maintenance workers, installers, electricians, hospitals need doctors – he listed. He mentioned that in Poznań “many foreigners, Arabs and others, provide medical services.”

    The program’s host, editor Katarzyna Gójska, reminded that two days ago, there was another attack on a Border Guard officer at the eastern border of Poland. After being struck with a branch, the officer was taken to the hospital. Witkowski then shared his golden advice for the officers in the east.

    “I warn the Border Guard to maintain a safe distance. They do not need to use pushbacks (…) Direct contact is not recommended. Approaching a holey fence is not advisable and that’s what I advise our soldiers in the interest of their health,” he declared. He added that approaching the fence at a meter’s distance is very imprudent.

    “Maybe they just wanted to talk. Maybe they wanted to light a cigarette for them. It was simply a mistake (…) mistakes happen to everyone,” he stated.

    He also referred to a previous case of an attack on a Border Guard officer. – The one stabbed with a knife on a stick, in my opinion, got too close to that border and didn’t need to approach the fence (…) Sorry, he needs to potentially be aware that on the other side of that fence is a potential criminal – he said.

    “He spoke the truth”

    “Senator is a co-participant of the camp that is currently ruling, and this is precisely the full contempt narrative towards the defenders of the Polish border. Nothing has changed here,” commented Lichocka on Witkowski’s statement.

    She pointed out that the ruling party supports the officers only for the sake of the election campaign. – Here the senator just happened to speak the truth for a moment. They really despise the defenders of the Polish border. They have deep contempt for the safety of Polish officers – she added.

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