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    Letter from the President of the Republic of Poland to the leaders of NATO member states

    Seventy-five years since its inception, NATO stands as a bulwark of security for the free world, confronting evolving global threats. In commemorating this milestone, President Duda of Poland underscores the Alliance’s historic importance while highlighting the pressing challenges it faces today.

    During his recent visit to Washington, President Duda proposed a significant increase in defense spending among NATO members, from 2% to 3% of GDP. This call to action is rooted in historical precedent, harkening back to the Cold War era, and is seen as essential in countering Russia’s imperial ambitions and ensuring the security of the Euro-Atlantic region.

    Historical Context and Contemporary Imperatives

    President Duda reflects on pivotal moments in NATO’s history, such as the accession of Central and Eastern European countries, as well as Germany’s integration into the Alliance. These milestones underscore the importance of unity and collective defense in deterring aggression and preserving peace.

    Solidarity Amidst Rising Threats

    Amidst escalating tensions in regions like the Middle East and the Pacific, President Duda emphasizes the need for unwavering unity within NATO. The recent accession of Sweden and Finland to the Alliance is hailed as a significant bolstering of NATO’s capabilities in the face of diverse and evolving threats.

    Charting the Future at the Upcoming Summit

    Looking ahead to the NATO summit in Washington, President Duda calls for substantive discussions and concrete decisions to address current challenges and strengthen the Alliance’s capacity to uphold global security. The imperative for increased defense spending and strategic coordination takes center stage in these deliberations.

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