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    Linette Secures Final Spot After Epic Showdown

    The journey began with a lightning-fast first-set win, and then it only got tougher. Magda Linette ultimately defeated Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinina after a battle lasting over two hours, with a scoreline of 6-1, 4-6, 6-2, securing her place in the grand final of the WTA 250 event in French Rouen.

    Magda Linette vs. Anhelina Kalinina: A Strong Start for the Pole

    From the onset, Linette’s commanding serve dominated the French courts, catching her opponent off guard with its precision. A pivotal moment arrived in the third game when a Kalinina error handed Linette her first break points, swiftly capitalized upon on her second attempt. As the set progressed, Kalinina’s unforced errors mounted, contrasting with Linette’s unwavering focus and discipline, leading to another break in a hard-fought game. Closing the set with a net cord shot, Linette’s fortune reflected her superior play, illustrating the adage that luck favours the skilled.

    Entering the second set with renewed determination, Kalinina surged forward, capitalizing on Linette’s errors to keep the match alive. Despite facing pressure on her serve, Linette rallied, thwarting Kalinina’s attempts with resilience and strength. However, as the set unfolded, Kalinina found her rhythm, pressuring Linette’s serve and eventually securing a crucial break at 3-4, showcasing her tenacity and character. With each player claiming a set, the stage was set for a gripping deciding set, promising further drama and excitement.

    Magda Linette in the WTA 250 Final in Rouen

    In this final set, the players engaged in another intense competition. Linette managed to break her opponent in the third game, ending the point with a beautiful backhand shot in the corner of the court. She complemented this with a fiercely powerful serve, causing trouble for her opponent. With another break looming, Linette proved to be unstoppable. Her opponent grew increasingly tired and frustrated, while Linette sealed the deal.

    On Sunday (April 20th), she will compete for the title against Sloane Stephens.

    Magda Linette vs. Anhelina Kalinina 2-1 (6-1, 4-6, 6-2)

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