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    Lux ex Silesia: Celebrating Morality and Culture in Upper Silesia

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    In the heart of Upper Silesia, a region known for its rich cultural heritage and industrial history, an annual tradition has been shaping the cultural and moral landscape for almost three decades. Lux ex Silesia, a regional award, was established in 1994 by Archbishop Damian Zimon, the metropolitan of Upper Silesia, to recognize and celebrate individuals who demonstrate exceptional moral values and make lasting contributions to the culture of the region.

    The name of the award, “Lux ex Silesia,” is a tribute to the Dominican friars, St. Hyacinth and Blessed Ceslaus of Poland, who were known in Krakow as “Ex Silesia Lux,” or “The Light from Silesia.” This honor is bestowed upon recipients during the inauguration of the academic year at the Katowice Archcathedral.

    Lux ex Silesia serves as a beacon, illuminating the path of those who strive for excellence not only in their academic or artistic pursuits but also in upholding and promoting the high moral values that are the bedrock of Upper Silesian culture. Each year, this award reminds us that cultural richness and moral integrity are intertwined, and they continue to flourish in the heart of Silesia.

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