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    Malcolm Brogdon Pursuing Polish Citizenship: Potential Boost for National Basketball Team

    American NBA player Malcolm Brogdon is making headlines as he seeks Polish citizenship, potentially bolstering Poland’s basketball team. With a career spanning eight seasons, Brogdon boasts an impressive average of 15 points per game. Having played for Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and most recently, Portland Trail Blazers, the 31-year-old’s talent is undeniable.

    Brogdon’s ties to Poland extend beyond basketball. In 2021, he visited Ustka, his wife’s hometown. Discussions between Brogdon and the Polish Basketball Association (PZKosz) have progressed, hinting at the possibility of him donning the white and red jersey.

    Formal Steps Towards Citizenship

    Recently, Brogdon submitted his citizenship application at a US consulate, with President Andrzej Duda’s signature being the final hurdle. Should the process go smoothly, Brogdon could join Coach Igor Milicic’s squad for the Olympic qualification tournament in Valencia.

    Brogdon’s potential inclusion in the national team lineup adds depth and experience, complementing rising talent like Jeremy Sochan. His presence could significantly bolster Poland’s chances in international competitions, signaling an exciting era for Polish basketball.

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