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    Marcin Najman Knocked Out in First Round at Clout MMA Event

    In a swift and decisive encounter at the Clout MMA 4 event, Marcin Najman faced a quick defeat at the hands of Jacek Murański. The match, which was eagerly anticipated by fans, ended abruptly when Najman received a powerful blow near his eye, preventing him from continuing the fight.

    The bout between Marcin Najman and Jacek Murański barely lasted a minute, concluding in the first round itself. Observers, some of whom couldn’t resist a jab at Najman’s expense, noted that the fight’s duration was relatively long by Najman’s standards.

    Dubbed “El Testosteron,” Najman aggressively engaged with Murański from the start. However, it took only one precise hit from Murański to bring the fight to an end. Najman was struck near the eye, fell to the mat, and was unable to rise, prompting the referee to halt the match.

    Following the event, Najman took to social media to share a video explaining that an eye socket injury was the reason he could not carry on with the fight.

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